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Best Sports Gambling Sites. Best Online Sports Gambling Tips

Getting a Safe Start in Sports Gambling

Whether you make sports bets to add extra drive to a certain game, to impress your friends, or to earn some money, there is one thing we can say for sure – gambling on sports is a fun and exciting way to spend your time.

Some gamblers make bets on their favorite teams regardless of the odds they have. Others place bets to make money. Unfortunately, many bettors lose because they do not follow sports gambling tips and betting strategies. For your reference, we’ve prepared the list of the best tips and guidelines that may help you win.

  • Research. Prior to placing any bets, you must have a clear idea about what you do. Look through different sport gambling sites and understand the basic principles of betting. You can also search forums to find the information on the major players in the sports gambling industry.
  • Pick a sport to bet on. If you want to make some money, be sure to focus your betting activity on a particular sport or sporting event. Thus, you can direct your efforts in a certain way. When you feel like you have the knowledge and abilities to pick up more sports, you can make bets on one or two other events. Do not make a common mistake that many sports bettors do – they make bets on their favorite teams regardless of the odds. So be sure to choose the right betting strategy.
  • Understand the principles of gambling on sports. Once you’ve mastered them, a certain share of risk is removed, because you can now adjust your bets to particular game patterns.
  • Find a reputable gambling platform. Be sure to check what payout options they offer and what commission fees they have. Furthermore, some sport gambling sites offer bonuses and special deals.
  • Do not burst into action and be sure to make reasonable bets within your bankroll. Smaller bets may bring you more profits in the long run. You shouldn’t chase your losses and increase your bets. Stay calm and reasonable.


If you are determined to start your betting career, you need to understand that only the person with a special analytical mind and the ability to strictly adhere to the betting discipline can win. If you feel you are too venturesome, you’d better keep away from gambling.

When it comes to sport gambling sites, you should only use the systems that proved to be real and honest.

    These are just a few reputable gambling sites for your consideration:

  • Betfair – one of the most popular betting exchange platforms, where thousands of users bet against each other.
  • Bovada is one of the largest gambling sites for sports, casino, poker, horse race betting.
  • Bet Online is a reputable online gambling company with hundred of thousand registered users across the globe.


Other popular gambling sites include Sportingbet, Titan Bet, Top Bet, and others.

There is a general opinion that bets should be made in a real office. However, this is not always true, because online gambling has many advantages: the Internet makes it possible to be aware of any sporting event and opens the doors to a huge information flow. Before making live bets, you can easily read the rules, bet types, etc. This ensures your safe start in the gambling career.

Bets, types of bets, odds

A bet means a bet or a wager on an event outcome made between a bettor and a bookmaker, bookmakers being ready to take bets on various outcomes of the same event. In most cases bets for all possible outcomes of an event are taken. You can choose an outcome that seems most probable and accept a bookmaker’s bet on this outcome.

    The types of event outcomes for betting:

  • first team victory (marked “1” or W1);
  • second team victory (marked “2” or W2);
  • tie (“?”);
  • victory of one of the teams (“12”);
  • number of goals over a specified number will be scored during a match (“over 2.5”, 2.5 being the number of the goals scored);
  • number of goals under a specified number will be scored during a match (“under 2.5”, 2.5 being the number of the goals scored);
  • bet on the score (“0:0”, “1:0”, “2:3”, etc.);
  • and many others.

The odds are the most important condition of a bet. The odds offered by a bookmaker are fixed and cannot be changed after a bet has been made. The odds are always over 1. If a bettor multiplies this ratio by the money amount of its bet, he will see the amount to be paid out by the bookmaker after the event is completed with the outcome chosen by the bettor (in case he wins). For example, if the odds for the outcome of the England team victory in the England-France football match is 2.2, then with the bet amount being EUR 100, the bookmaker will pay you out EUR 220 (EUR 100 x 2.2 = 220). The bet amount is decided on solely by a bettor. The more the bet amount, the more the amount of the potential winnings is.

A bet on one outcome of an event is called a single bet. This bet is considered to be winning if the outcome is equal to the outcome a wager made his bet on. There are also multiple bets. It is a bet on several outcomes of different sports events. The total odds for a multiple bet are the product of the odds for each outcome wagered on. For example, if you think that the Canada hockey team wins against the Sweden team and the USA team against the Russia team, you can make a multiple bet on these two outcomes. If the odds for the Canada team are 1.5 and for the USA team are 1.8, then these two odds are multiplied making the total bet odds 2.4. However, the winnings are paid out only if all the multiple bet outcomes are guessed. If any of the bets lose, the bettor loses the parlay. The more events a multiple bet includes, the more the odds and potential winnings are, but also the more the risk to lose is.

A handicap bet is a bet on an event outcome when a handicap is given to one team before the event begins. For example, one team is already given the handicap of +1 meaning that this team is one goal ahead before the match starts (1:0). If the handicap is -1, the team is one goal behind (0:1). For example, you had made a bet with the handicap +1.5 on the second team, and it lost 2:1. But you won the bet! Since if you add the handicap to the score, it will become 2:2.5 and thus the second team wins.

Bets can be taken on a part of a sports event: a time, a period, a set, a round, etc. In this case the outcome is clear after this period of time, but the payouts are made after the whole event is completed. As it was mentioned above, a bookmaker can allow betting on whether an event will take place or not as well as on the number of specific events that will happen during the competition. Corner kicks and substitutions in football, bull’s eye hits in biathlon, overtime or additional time in hockey can be such examples. Bets on what event will happen first can be accepted for a change. For example, a goal or a yellow card.

All of today’s best bookmakers offer as many various bets as possible to attract bettors. Besides, this way they mitigate their risks, since the bets are distributed more evenly between sports events. So you will have options to choose from. Never before in its history the bookmaking business have offered so many outcomes and bets. The main thing is to make the best use of the offered instruments. The punters with bookmakers use these advantages with positive results. If you want to learn how to make right bets and win, keep studying from this website.

Bookmaker gambling rules

Events and outcomes

Sports events are the basis for bookmaker gambling. An event is any one-time sports competition or the summarizing of the outcomes of a series or a championship. For instance, a match, a competition, a round, a fight, a performance as well as outcomes of a game set, a championship or an Olympiad are sports events. Moreover, an incident during a competition that may or may not occur can be an event. A penalty or sending a player off the field during a football match can be such events.

Any completed sports event has its outcome. For example, a match finishes with a victory of one team or a tie. All possible outcomes of an event are foreseen and each has its probability. The outcome is determined according to the official statistics after an event is completed.

For punters and interest in sports

You can appreciate a website that hosts all the necessary information about the game of bookmakers and betting. The knowledge base is formed on the principle of sufficiency and necessity. We offer materials that look enough to register in the best bookmakers and start betting, but it does not guarantee the success of your outcome. To become a successful player and earn a regular basis to learn and gain experience.